If I were a witch –

I’d be Hermoine Granger:
Devoted to books as a source of joy, wisdom, and magic spanning many lifetimes.

Alas, my Hogwarts letter never arrived.

So I became the next best thing: A translator.
Devoted to bringing books as a source of joy, wisdom, and magic to Italian readers.

Enchanted to meet you!

I’m Mara Cioffi.

By trade, I’m an English into Italian translator and editor.

But just like you, I realized that there’s more to a fulfilled business life than putting in the time.

You started writing.

I started combining my passion for languages with my love for great books.

My academic journey says wordsmith nerd:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Literary, Linguistics and Historical – Philosophical Studies
  • 1st Master’s Degree in Specialized Translation English – Italian
  • 2nd Master’s Degree in Web Writing and Social Media Marketing

My heart says:

My academic knowledge paired with a decade of expertise as a professional translator, sprinkled with a life-long passion for great books makes me the perfect fit for self-published authors who want to make their book an Italian household name.

Add to that my heritage and soul-deep devotion to slow-travelling my home country:
I’m here to make sure your book lives, breathes and literally spells Italy.



Why do I call myself The Hypochondriac Translator?

Well, let me reply with a question: Have you ever heard the term bibliomania [bib-lee-oh-mey-nee-uh]?

It describes an extreme passion for acquiring and owning books.

A happy bibliomaniac, I’ll complete the definition/diagnosis:
Reading books, collecting different and rare editions of favorite books, spending time in the company of books, and understanding heaven as an infinite library, complete with the comfiest reading chairs, piping hot tea, and cuddly kittens ready to curl up with you and your next favorite read.

Your world as an author and my world as a bibliomaniac are one and the same.

And that’s great news for your book:

I’ve been traveling all kinds of fantastic worlds, laced in magic, science, and fiction for all ages.

Goodreads is one of my favorite playing fields and the Italian Bookstagram crowd is my ride-or-die online community.

Trust me to help you create a lasting impression with Italian readers, Italian book influencers, and Italian publishers.

As Hermione put it:

“I’m highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.”

Three things I love most:

  • Great books
  • Slow travel
  • Soulfood
  • The Italian way of life

You caught me!
I had to add a fourth to the list because one of the great joys of life is making room for beautiful things, like the Tuscan hills clad in early morning mists or the taste of grape juice fresh from the press after a long, hot Summer.

You learned that by trade, I’m a wordsmith.

By passion, I’m a reader.

Let me close with a little secret:

By heart, I’m a cross between Anne of Green Gables and Hermione Granger – and about as devoted to learning as the two of them put together: consistent professional development helps me hone my craft and guarantee you the kind of impeccable results that will help your book become a bestseller.

“So many people consider their work a daily punishment. Whereas I love my work as a translator. Translation is a journey over a sea from one shore to the other. Sometimes I think of myself as a smuggler: I cross the frontier of language with my booty of words, ideas, images, and metaphors.”

― Amara Lakhous

My Promise to you

Writing is like bringing your soul to paper – nobody understands that better than an Italian (we, as a people, are ALL soul!) living her life between bookstores and the soulful landscapes of Italy.

My purpose and mission is to bring amazing books, books like yours, to fellow Italian readers.

I vow to dedicate myself to making your Italian publication a mirror image of your English one: your vision, your underlying storyline, your subtleties, your innuendos.
Your Italian readers will get to enjoy your creation as you intended it.

Let’s talk about your book: