Italian Translation.

Claim Your Title: Published Italian Author.

Sounds like a painstaking endeavor?


I’m here to take care of all the confusing and time-consuming back-end work so you can focus on the part you love best:

Creating worlds out of stories, one word at a time.

Translation. Line-Editing. Copy-Editing. Proofreading. Cultural context.

Hire me to take care of your book’s next step or let me take over as the concierge of my expert team of veteran wordsmiths.



Your voice, your underlying story framework, your subtleties and innuendos:
You need a native Italian expert translator who’s guaranteed to transport your book across the language border, all components intact.

Enter me.

Editing & Proofreading:


When your book is ready for the world – almost.
It needs an eagle-eyed new perspective to polish and perfect it.

I bring my wordsmith expertise, laced with real-life bibliophile TLC to make sure your story hits all the right notes with Italian readers, bookstagrammers, and publishers.

Localization & Consulting:


Your story is set in Italy and you want to be 100% sure your nuances are on point, your native readers will recognize and identify with your setting and context.

With the power of the native Italian playing on homeground, I help you inject your story with real-life Italian culture, history, and geography.


Mara is my go-to Italian translator for the HopeLit project. She's a pleasure to work with, over-punctual and her results are first class. Highly recommended!

Nicole König Head of Translations @

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Stop thinking about your book on Italian bestseller lists.